9 Powerful Ways Art Benefits Children

There are so many ways to incorporate art into a child’s day-to-day life, and it’s important to do so! Whether in the classroom or at home, children are learning a lot more from art than just how to color within the lines. Out of all of the positive impacts art can have, we’ve listed 9 ways art benefits children:

Language Development – Through art, children learn and are able to practice vocabulary early on, beginning with words about shapes and colors. As they grow, children will develop descriptive words to explain their own artwork and the emotions they feel when looking at others’ creations.

Creativity – We adults call this “thinking outside of the box.” Art encourages children to problem solve and to try things in unique ways. Imagination is important as children develop and have to think on their feet; when creativity is instilled at a young age, it will only come naturally when a child grows up.

Focus – The ability to focus is learned through engagement within group activities such as school performances or classroom art projects. Children learn how to balance listening and contributing, which takes lots of focus and concentration. Not only that, but they begin to understand how their contribution affects the bigger picture and what that looks like when everyone has a specific role.

Collaboration – Art is a great way for children to learn how to work together and to share not only items but ideas as well. Through group projects or group performances, children learn the importance of shared responsibility and how to compromise.

Ability to Receive Criticism – Receiving constructive criticism is part of any art instruction, whether it’s about a painting or regarding a performance. Art helps children learn at a young age that constructive criticism is meant to be helpful and that feedback is a positive thing as opposed to something to take offense to. Critique is regarded as valuable and seen as something that contributes to the final project.

Bilateral Coordination – Crafts such as drawing, painting, cutting, and gluing require children to use both of their hands together! Now they may not come out of art class ambidextrous, but the ability to use both hands in conjunction translates to other areas of a child’s life as they continue to grow. Think typing, riding a bike, or tying a shoe.

Cultural Awareness – Children are exposed to the world when they’re exposed to art! We live in an increasingly diverse society, and the way that diversity is expressed through art can teach children a lot. Music, local art shows, and dance are great ways to open children’s eyes.

Self-Expression – Early on, children develop a sense of self and begin forming an identity and an idea of who they are. Art is a safe way for children to experience and reflect on the world around them, and it allows children to share their thoughts and feelings in a creative way. Art gives children freedom to explore and create, something extremely important as they continue to develop.

Fun! – Art is a fun way to spend time with others and make things together. It’s also a great way for kids to decompress and enjoy time by themselves!

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