Put Down the Electronics and Give Your Child the Gift of Art!

When you look at what children are busy doing these days, you might notice that they are turning out a lot like us – heads bent down, eyes and fingers glued to a screen of some sort. We’ve all become addicted to our smart phones, our mp3 players, our iPads and other fancy equipment. While Read More…

A child uses a colored pencil to make art

Employee Spotlight: Drew

Meet Drew! He’s a sales associate for Artmart and has been rocking the sales floor for the past nine months. Drew loves working with his coworkers and being able to help customers in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. If you are looking for a specific item and can’t seem to find it, Drew is the Read More…

4 Big Ways You’re Ruining Your Brushes

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur painter, you know how much of an investment paintbrushes are and how you need to keep them great condition as they are an essential tool for painting. From painting wine glasses and canvases to creating gorgeous murals on city walls, painting is a fun activity to take part Read More…

Used paintbrushes stand in a bowl on a painter's palette. Tubes of paint lie nearby.

5 Great Places for Art Lovers to Enjoy Art in St. Louis

Are you an art lover who’s new to the St. Louis region? Maybe you’ve been here for a few years or even all your life and aren’t entirely sure where you can appreciate fine works of art within the city. You might even think that in order to enjoy art, you need to travel to Read More…

The Citygarden is just one of the places St. Louis art lovers will enjoy in the city.

Support Art630, Support Art in St. Louis

Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easy, convenient way for residents of the St. Louis area to see the beautiful art around them, all created by talented artists here in our own backyard? That’s what Mark Witzling is trying to do. A marketing professional by day and painter by night, Mark is working Read More…

The skyline of St. Louis, the arch rising about the other buildings. Support St. Louis by supporting Art630.

Drink Coffee, Support Local Artists!

Are you an artist, an art enthusiast, or just an all-around cool person and love to drink coffee? Are you getting tired of the same old overpriced lattes and frappes at Starbucks? Great news – now you can drink great coffee AND support local artists for just a few bucks!

St. Louis' Mississippi Mud Coffee logo. Proceeds from coffee sales go to local artists.

We Have the Best Art Supplies in St. Louis!

We really enjoy what we do here at Artmart. We not only provide a huge array of quality art supplies to artists of all levels, but we also enjoy hosting classes and watching our patrons create beautiful art in their own ways. Of course, we might be a bit partial when we say that we Read More…

A student doodles on looseleaf paper. Both pencil and paper are art supplies that can be found at Artmart.