Five Great Acrylic Paint Tutorials

We’ve written about the versatility of acrylic paint before. It seems like there is no shortage of online tutorials and guides, each highlighting a technique different from the next, offering endless hours of inspiration.

Looking to try something new with acrylic? Here’s five great videos to check out for some ideas.

1. Pour painting

Using a pouring medium can let you create whimsical, abstract pour paintings. In this video, you’ll learn how to use a pouring medium and how to pick the right one for your project.

2. Still life painting

Try your hand at the classical style of still life painting, using the techniques taught in this tutorial.

3. Experiment with texture

The great thing about acrylic is how its texture can be adapted with various additives. This video illustrates four different textures to try.

4. Painting fur

Who wouldn’t want to paint a portrait of their beloved pet, or their favorite animal? This video shows how to use acrylic paint to produce realistically looking fur.

5. Speed painting

Why not try to paint as fast as you can and see what happens?! This video (sped up to be even more exciting!) shows two artists painting in a race against the clock…