Ghostly Orbs – Fact or Fiction?

If you’ve ever taken a photo with a digital camera, you might have noticed the occasional orb in a few of your photos. Many speculate that these orbs can simply be specks of dust, pollen, or even bugs caught flying into the photo. Others believe that these balls of light are something spookier – visible evidence of ghosts.

Orbs are a somewhat new phenomenon that appeared at the dawn of the digital camera in the 1990s. At first, the camera manufacturers believed these orbs to be malfunctions of the camera, but to this day they claim that these balls of light are microscopic particles floating in the air. On the other hand, those in the paranormal community hold firm that these orbs are the presence of spirits. Even on TV shows like Ghost Adventures, orbs caught on digital cameras or on video are sometimes attributed to paranormal activity. But are these specific types of orbs fact or fiction?

First things first, in the case of digital and film photography in which colored orbs appear, orbs are often associated with the subtle coloring of the camera’s lens. Other things in the picture can cause orbs to appear, including dust, rain, bugs, and reflective surfaces. For these reasons, many photographers, onlookers, and even some paranormal investigators debunk orbs as evidence of paranormal activity. However, many others purport that orbs could be paranormal in nature. Orbs can appear in various colors, can have unusual patterns of travel, and can disappear as quickly as they appear, which can leave photographers in a befuddled state.

So how can you tell if your photo contains a ghostly orb or just a reflection of something from the natural world? The short answer is no one really knows; however, believers have ways of identifying possible ghost orbs in photos. Here are just a few:

*If the orb or orbs in the photo seem to be behind a person or thing, as if peeking out or passing by, it could be supernatural. That’s because reflections don’t fall behind an object or person in a photo.

*If the orb has more density in the photo, it might not be a natural particle like dust.

*On film, if the orb or orbs seem to have a light of their own and move independently of wind or motion, it could be a spiritual encounter.

While the jury is still out on whether or not ghost orbs truly exist, some people really believe that they’re seeing the evidence of a spirit in their orb-bedecked photos. What do you think? Do you believe that ghost orbs exist, or do you write them off as nothing but dust or insects? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!