Guest Blog: Why 15 Masterpieces Were Abandoned Before They Were Finished

An unfinished masterpiece can certainly be an unusual site, leaving much to the imagination of the viewer…what did the artist have in mind, and what would the completed piece have liked like?

In this guest blog from, you can learn the fascinating history behind 15 unfinished works of art.

“Unfinished artworks often have an aura of mystery surrounding them. Were the works left incomplete by accident, or was it an intentional choice on the part of the artist?

Thanks in large part to artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo — both of whom left many paintings incomplete — it became fashionable throughout the 16th century for artists to leave works unfinished. A name was even given to the style: non finito—an Italian term describing the intentional unfinishing of a work of art. Alternatively, many artists began projects with the best intentions but failed to complete their compositions due to unforeseen circumstances. In either case, a work of art left in its unfinished state can captivate audiences for hundreds of years.”