Guest Blog: 35 Benefits of Art for Kids

This month, we are proud to feature a guest blog from Jenny Silverstone at Click below for more information on the many benefits of art for kids!

“Do you view art as just messy playtime for kids? Or do you realize it’s so much more than that? Art can be good for kids in many ways.

While it’s important for a child to learn science, math, and reading, art is also key to their development. At home, it’s a great time to connect with your child and encourage their creativity. In school, it’s a way for them to communicate and build confidence.

With art education on the decline in schools all around the world, it’s up to us as the parents to inspire, introduce and cultivate the little Piccaso in each child.

Let’s take a look at what art is, its benefits, and how you can help get your kids involved.”